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Laura Nahabetian Brunet, PhD

Highly accomplished and internationally recognized expert in Law and Social Sciences with extensive academic and professional experience. Specializing in Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Digital Governance, and Public Administration. Renowned for leadership in academia and consulting roles, with significant contributions to legal scholarship and international projects.


  • Doctor of Law and Social Sciences Universidad Mayor de la República, Uruguay

  • Doctor of Juridical Sciences Universidad Católica Argentina, Argentina

  • Master of Science in Legislation and Political Governance University of Pisa, Italy

  • Master of Constitutional Law (Candidate) Universidad Católica del Uruguay, Uruguay

  • Diploma in Political Theory and Public Management, International Relations, and Latin American Political Development Republic of Chile

  • Diploma in Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Republic of Chile


  • Adjunct Professor of Information Technology Law and Constitutional Law Universidad de la República and Universidad Católica del Uruguay

  • Adjunct Professor of Professional Ethics Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de la Empresa

  • Member, Department of Public Law Universidad Católica del Uruguay

  • Coordinator, Center for Information Technology Law Faculty of Law, Universidad de la República

  • Course Tutor Fundación Ciencias de la Documentación, Spain, and Información Científica Internacional, Mexico

  • Advisor National Parliament of Uruguay (Since 2005)

  • Consultant Identity and Rights Program, Organization of American States (OAS)

  • Consultant Governance, Transparency, and Integrity Program, Uruguay, OAS

  • Consultant Program against Drugs and Crime, United Nations

  • Visiting Researcher Electronic Government Observatory, ALFA Network, University of Zaragoza, European Union, Chile


  • Author of several books including "Electronic Government and Governance" (2009), "Access to Public Information: Fundamental Pillar of Good Governance" (2010), and more.

  • Numerous articles and keynote speaker at various conferences globally.

  • Engaged in collaborative projects with academics and researchers worldwide.

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