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Business Administration for Security Professionals

This course is a meant to serve as a guide and source of relevant business information for security and other professionals, because all of us need to know what my business actually expected me to accomplish. Managers and those responsible for a Division, Department or work area, must necessarily be a specific technical specialist in their task or profession, but also a "business managers".

Course Structure

The course is divided into twelve thematic chapters, each of which addresses different aspects:

  • Chapter 1 - Management and leadership

  • Chapter 2 - Decision-making

  • Chapter 3 - Strategy

  • Chapter 4 - The external environment

  • Chapter 5 - The internal environment

  • Chapter 6 - Business-level strategies

  • Chapter 7 - Corporate-level strategies

  • Chapter 8 - International business

  • Chapter 9 - Building an organization capable of good strategy execution

  • Chapter 10 - Managing internal operations: Promoting good strategy execution

  • Chapter 11 - Corporate culture

  • Chapter 12 - Key business measurements and metrics

You can access the detailed Table of Contents Index here


By the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Become an "effective manager" and be recognized within your organization as a business partner and know how to understand and develop metrics that define success and support business decisions.

  2. Define business success not only in the short term, but also throughout the life of the business through quantifiable metrics.

Duration: 40 hours
This course awards 10 CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

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Business Administration for Security Professionals

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Business Administration for Security Professionals

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