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The Security Professional Diploma

This course aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of security based on the body of knowledge established by ASIS International for their Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Certification. After passing the approved exams for our course, you will receive a certificate of completion of the Security Professional Diploma.

ASIS Certification Preparation

This diploma prepares you for the examination to become a:

Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

By the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Receive evaluations and feedback to ensure continual improvement in program content and quality, a Certificate of Attendance, and approve the "DPS". 

  • Learn  ASIS certification Body of Knowledge for CPP (Here)

  • Take the "CPP" (Certified Protection Professional) exam of ASIS International.

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One Time Payment

Requirements: High School Completed

Duration: 240 Hours

Domains: 8

Access from any Computer, Tablet or Mobile

Lifetime Access

This Diploma awards 60 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) 

Benefits of the Security Professional Diploma

This program is built upon a flexible study methodology and platform. It features module self-evaluations and final exams to prepare for the ASIS "Certified Protection Professional" Exam.


In addition, 

  • Over 20 years of experience utilizing the best technology to offer e-learning training.

  • You'll have access to a virtual classroom with a Microsoft Partner, which helps measure how quickly and effectively you respond to self-assessment exams.

  • The study materials are the latest ASIS International references recommended to buy and complementary information interrelated and summarized by our experts.

  • This entirely virtual program lets you choose when and how quickly you complete it.

  • You can access 4,500 hours of virtual exam simulator materials.

  • You'll have access to technical and academic tutors who can connect you with experts in each subject area.

  • Personalized coaching is provided to help you prepare for the CPP Certification exam.

ASIS Members

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